The type of flowers you include in your bridal bouquet can say a lot about you. Each flower has historically held significance by portraying a word, phrase, emotion, or attribute. Although some now simply give flowers based on their natural beauty, many still use flowers to speak for them.

If you’re getting married, you’ll want to take time deciding on what should be included in your bridal bouquets Denver Co. Below are examples of popular flowers, along with their respective meanings so you can put together a bouquet which uniquely speaks for you.

Anemone: This white flower has a black center and represents expectations.

Baby’s Breath: Inexpensive and in bloom year-round, this white flower signifies innocence.

Calla Lilly: A dark purple flower with thick green stem that originates from Africa, this flower represents magnificent beauty.

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Pink Carnation: A large, fluffy appearing pink flower with a medium sized green stem, this flower represents boldness.

Red Carnation: These red flowers represent love, which is very appropriate for the occasion where you join with your beloved for life.

White Carnation: White flowers signify talent and can be appropriate for individuals who possess a talent of any sort.

Chrysanthemum: Available in gorgeous vivid oranges and reds, this flower has always been popular in bridal bouquets. The reason? It stands for wealth, truth, and abundance in all things, which is certainly what brides want in their new lives.

Cornflower: These white flowers possess a beautiful blue hue to them. They stand for prosperity and friendship, which are key to a great marriage – especially during the tough times.

Daffodil: These bright yellow flowers are the perfect option for spring brides, but all brides can benefit from using them in their bouquets. They stand for happiness and kind regards. They even look like a happy flower.