If you have an anniversary coming up, maybe it’s unclear what to get your beloved. No matter if it has been one, five, ten, twenty years or more, these four gift ideas below will be items she can cherish forever. Choose one, or use a combination of two, to make this anniversary one she will always remember.

1: Angel Wings

Angel wing jewelry is a popular choice, because it tells your beloved that she is incredibly special to you. In fact, you’ve probably noted before that your significant other was your angel while they were helping you through tough times, taking care of you, or even simply listening to you talk.

2: Rainbow Roses

Rainbow roses are a beautiful flower hybrid that have become increasingly popular with all people. There are rainbow roses which are created in such a way that they will last for years – either through a special sealing process, or through genetic modification. These may not last a lifetime fresh but can always be pressed into a book for a lifetime of remembrance.

3: Companion 

Angel wing jewelry

This option may not be good for all people, but for families who own their homes, or older couples who have grown children, getting your beloved a companion like a dog or cat is a way to celebrate your anniversary and add to the family in a special way. Remember when choosing a new companion animal to adopt, don’t shop. There are many wonderful animals stuck in shelters who would be thrilled to have a new forever home.

4: Handwritten Poem or Letter

A handwritten poem or letter is free, and it shows your significant other that you put a lot of thought into your gift. You don’t have to be great with words. Just put your feelings on paper so they can cherish them forever.